My name is Mike Trotta and I am one of the artists, body piercers and the owner of Iron Lotus Tattoo.

I have been tattooing and piercing since 2001 . I have worked at a few shops in and around Baltimore prior to opening Iron Lotus and learned quite a bit about people along the way. I have found that many of those in my profession suffer from very serious flaws. With this in mind I charted a course to give the people what they wanted and much more than they thought they needed!

Customers of Iron Lotus Tattoo have my promise that they will always get the finest tattoo work and precision body piercings for a fare price. Further more, I guarantee that all procedures taking place under my watch are done so with the strictest medical grade sterilization and practices available in the Tattoo and Body Piercing industry. You will never be spoken down to or made to feel as if you are anything other than important to us. In fact our customers typically feel very at home and enjoy a rich and rewarding relationship with their artist.

Iron Lotus Tattoo is staffed by a family of friends that understand our commitment to customer service, quality work and fare pricing. If you enjoy ignorant "rock star" tattoo artists, paying obscene prices or poor quality work being rendered under less than hospital clean conditions then you will not be happy here at Iron Lotus Tattoo . We offer a variety of designs to be chosen from here at the shop but always welcome and encourage the custom one of a kind design and we love a challenge. Not to mention we specialize in fixing up and or covering your old work that may not be quite as impressive as it could be. We will always approach your work with equal passion and professionalism weather your design is a simple name or head to toe body art. We will continue to strive to have everyone who has, or will ever come visit our shop, leave completely satisfied.

I have always believed that a happy customer will be the best advertisement any business could ever hope to have. When someone sees the type of quality art we produce for the reasonable rates we charge, they know they have found the perfect shop in Iron Lotus Tattoo before ever even speaking to one of our artists or setting a foot inside our doors! Word of mouth and quality of reputation speak volumes about a tattoo shop. I have the utmost confidence in all the work being done here at Iron Lotus Tattoo, so much so that all my customers leave with my personal cell phone number and are at liberty to call me at any time. As a matter of fact let me rephrase that. All my new friends leave with my personal cell number. Stop in or contact us via the web or by phone and let us prove to you why we are the best. Thanks for your support!

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