“How do I go about getting a tattoo priced at Iron Lotus Tattoo” you may ask. Well the first thing I would stress is ”do not call the shop trying to price an image or idea”. If this tattoo is important enough to wear on your body forever, it's important enough to take some time to stop in the shop to have a consultation with an artist. If you have chosen a specific artist, check his schedule and call ahead to check availability for your consultation. The shop is staffed seven days a week.

Once we meet you and begin to discuss your ideas we can begin the pricing process. Typically we will do one of two things. If the artist feels comfortable that he can accurately estimate the time and work it will require to render your tattoo, he will quote a price that reflects a finished tattoo. If your tattoo is of a larger scale and will require multiple sessions, it will fall under the hourly price of 120.00 an hour. High caliber artists industry wide command anywhere from 120-180 an hour. We feel by keeping it on the lower end of the spectrum we are both being fare to our customers and to ourselves.

At this juncture you will be required to leave a small deposit to start the drawing process for your upcoming tattoo. The deposit ensures the artist that you are serious about moving forward and secures you an appointment. Deposits are nonrefundable and are used to cover some of the artists drawing time.

Here at Iron Lotus we do not charge a separate drawing fee like most of our competitors. Obviously a small deposit does not cover our entire drawing time. We just don't think it's fare to charge you for your tattoo and again for drawing it. Deposits are lost by not calling at least 24 hours in advance to cancel your appointment and or not showing up at all.

Our minimum tattoo price is 60.00. The amount of tattoo equipment needed to execute a small tattoo could have very well produced a much larger tattoo, not to mention it needs to be destroyed when done to ensure the safety of our clients. A reputable shop spends twice as much or more on their equipment, sterilization and proper disposal of its waste. Thanks for choosing Iron Lotus Tattoo.

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