Piercing After Care

Congratulations on your new piercing, the painful part is over, all you need to do now is take care of it as follows:

Dissolve half a teaspoon of sea salt (that was provided) into a 14-16oz. bottle of purified water (absolutely no tap water). 3-4 times a day, dip both ends of a new q-tip into your sea salt solution and make no more than 3-4 rotations with each clean end of your q-tip for 3-4 weeks. Note that each side of the piercing requires a fresh and unused side of a q-tip. Never use one side of a q-tip to clean both sides of a piercing. Never dip a used q-tip back into your sea salt solution as it will contaminate your entire bottle.

Never use alcohol, iodine, peroxide or antibiotic creams as they all can harm your new piercing. These products are known to kill new, healing tissue.

The most important rule in healing this new piercing, is DO NOT TOUCH IT! Despite how clean of a person or how clean of a home you may have, everything that we touch is covered in bacteria that may jeopardize your piercing. Bacteria is one of the leading causes of INFECTION. Every time you touch your new piercing, you are introducing bacteria, drastically increasing the odds of infection.

It is normal to see a white to yellow discharge coming from a new piercing. An infection would be represented by a green and odorous discharge accompanied by extreme redness and soreness above and beyond the redness and soreness that is considered normal for a new piercing. Fear not, infected piercings are a pain, but they are nothing to lose sleep over. If you think you may have an infected piercing, DO NOT REMOVE THE JEWELRY! Instead, please seek the attention of a physician/doctor where you will most likely be prescribed antibiotics. PROBLEM SOLVED. Once the infection is gone, healing will resume as normal.

If you have a new oral piercing (tongue, lip, labret etc...) gargle with your sea salt solution every time you eat, drink, or smoke for at least the first week. Avoid using mouthwash, which most likely contains alcohol as it will be harmful to your new piercing. Note that most oral piercings will need to be addressed with both the gargling of sea salt and the q-tip cleaning method for the external end of the piercing.

Keep in mind that piercings typically take several months to be completely healed. They may also start and stop discharging over the course of those several months. Piercings do not heal like typical wounds and require much more time. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or visit the shop.

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